ARCHMARATHON Selections @MADE EXPO 2019国际奖项

20 March 2019


Archmarathon Selection Award - MADE expo 2019
The 4 days of the event saw the participation of 28 international studios divided into 14 categories which each presented their projects to a large audience and the prestigious jury of Luca Molinari, Matteo Fantoni and Marzia Faranda.On Saturday 16th March following the keynote speeches by the architects Fantoni, Faranda and Molinari, the award ceremony for the 14 winning projects took place.The studios that will automatically have access to the world edition of ARCHMARATHON which will take place in Milan in 2020。

A walking box – Unarchitecte
the project shows a strong sensitivity regarding the child’s point of view and the capability of designing a space of freedom and open creativity.

Archmarathon建筑奖 Selection Award - MADE expo 2019
在为期四天的活动中,经评审选出的全球28家事务所受邀来到米兰,按门类被分为14组捉对评比,三位评委为Luca Molinari, Matteo Fantoni and Marzia Faranda。三月十六日星期六,在三位评委致辞后,开始了为14位胜出者的颁奖仪式。这些事务所也同时顺利进入ARCHMARATHON 2020国际建筑大奖的决赛。

教育类建筑  第一名               
行走的盒子  unarchitecte
评语:  这个项目展现了建筑师对儿童视角极其细腻敏锐的感知,以及对自由空间和开放的创造性空间的突出设计能力。